Lost In Translation

from by The Sara Thacker Band



Lost In Translation

In the still of the night I watch you go, with your hat pulled low, watch you slip away
Disappear in the crowd as the night pulls you in, it just drips with sin, you think she don't know

You wait 'til your girl's fast asleep
Then you creep with the worst of intentions

Lock the door, make your move like it's just your world
Like there's no other girl with a bleeding heart
Pay no mind to the crime that you love to commit, and the truth you omit, it's been lost in translation

You wait 'til the world's fast asleep
Then you creep with the worst of intentions

I guess you never know who you think you know
but your cover's been blown and I know all your secrets

Cuz what you said to me was the same damn thing upon discovering all of your indiscretions
And now the game is mine and you're out of time, committed your last crime, you've been taught your last lesson

Now I wait 'til the world's fast asleep
Then I creep with the worst of intentions


from Falling Apart, released May 24, 2012



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The Sara Thacker Band Los Angeles, California

The Sara Thacker Band. Soulful, jazzy, rock, pop and blues. Made by working professionals who devote all their free time to making music. We don’t do it because we dream of a record deal… we do it because we love creating music and couldn’t imagine our lives without it. ... more

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